fun work
Luminare has the ability to get a sense of a project's gestalt and come up with a rich, visual, and experiential environment that provokes the emotions and stimulates the minds of our audience.
History of Motown
Client: Motown/Polygram
A hot interactive prototype won our team the honor of creating the "History of Motown." Challenges include designing an interface to allow easy access to every aspect of Motown's past over its decades long reign as a King of American Music. Take a look.
National Geographic
Client: National Geographic
From Washington DC on a scouting mission they visited us. We prepared this teaser to dazzle them. Take a look.
Monster Magnet
Enhanced CD
Client: A&M Records/Polygram
When it comes to creatively expressing our heavy metal client's unique perspective, this project shows our team at it best. Games, mythology, back story, fanzine fun -- its all here! Take a look.
Shooting Stars
Client: Luminare
Be an environmentally friendly space cowboy! Get the junk out of outer space! Another game -- we bring the sensibilities of Monster Magnet to the typical space shooter. Take a look.
Client: Palladium Interactive
How to make a parody out of a pop icon? First love the original, then add a dash of Mad magazine, a two spoonfuls of Laugh-In and Saturday Night Live and blend well. Take a look.
Client: Luminare
This in-house art piece ponders perception and the nature of experience -- yet plays like a meditative game. Created as a sample Shockwave application for Macomedia's initial Shockwave tour. Take a look.
Black Panthers
Client: Education Foundation
This CD explores the controversial history of the Black Panthers in the context of contemporary culture. Take a look.
The Salon
Conversation Engine
Client: Luminare
Experience our own conversation engine and other simple yet innovative techniques. Get to know us and see show how much information can be available in a few fast-loading pages. We think that this is a better way to do sales and other product training than the usual page-turners. Take a look.
A smart team with a sense of fun and strong creative skills that can bring even the most complex projects in on time and on budget -- what more can you ask for? Do you need to see more? Want to ask some questions about your specific project? Contact us. We'd love to help.