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Luminare has helped organizations develop human capital and convey key messages. We connect people to the right information and the right experts at the right time. And we've won awards in the process.
CSAA Online Guide
Performance Support
Client: CSAA
How can one employee know everything from auto and home insurance to touring and travel? Our amazing, award-winning performance support system came to the rescue, with a documented over 1000% ROI within 6 months. The look, technology, and design were all conceived and implemented by us. We built the content management tools, created the internal organization and trained client staff members in content design and authoring. We also created and implemented the internal change management plan, including a documentary video series, newsletters, posters, pilot office recruiting, enterprise-wide manager meetings, and a statewide series of conferences. Built before the Browser.Take a look.
Performance Support and Training Portal
Client: Charles Schwab
This award-winning dynamic content portal features news, community information and individual performance statistics and attracts frequent broker visits. Designed to make learning and "paper work" tasks swift and painless. Includes a library of instructional and reference materials: sales scenarios, product knowledge, FAQs, and conversations with product experts. Includes a content management system and training for staff members in content design and authoring. We created and implemented an internal communications campaign that included direct mail postcards and webcasts, manager meeting guides, and other collateral. Take a look.
Performance Support Portal
Client: TD Waterhouse
Helping new workers be immediately productive and allowing existing workers to do more, this portal aids brokers and call center employees quickly and accurately provide customers with a diversity of financial and brokerage products and services. In boom times, it enabled the client to bring new and temporary staff up to speed quickly; in tighter times, it has enabled staff to perform more diverse functions, increasing productivity. We built the content management system and trained staff members. We created and managed internal communications about the portal, including a company-wide webcast, manager meeting guides, and collateral. Take a look.
Web Training
Client: Charles Schwab
Fast-approaching major changes to the client's CRM system meant a need for broker training on new features -- and fast! In response, we built this quick tour, paying careful attention to the ways that new tool would help them build sales. And, since we uncovered some misunderstandings about processes and procedures during our research, we also addressed those issues as well. On time, on budget, happy client. Take a look.
Eality Overview
Web Training and Online Help
Client: Eality
An snappy overview to reinforce the main benefits of an application and remind employees of their role in making it useful. We also designed the functionally-oriented online help. Take a look.
About Re-useable Content Objects
Web Site
Client: Oracle
When performance support, training, and knowledge management can come together in a new information authoring and distribution system, the implications are significant. Oracle asked us to use our KMS know-how to develop a re-useable content object methodology. And then we developed a sleek interface, animations, and interesting scenarios to put our theories into action for an audience of the press, industry and learning professionals. Take a look.
Online Guide
Knowledge Management Portal
Client: Charles Schwab
Information architecture shines with a navigable status map that indicates where users are, where they have been, and where they can go. Designed to encompass for use by all Schwab employees when they need access to processes, procedures, regulations and links to corporate experts. Take a look.
Training and Performance Support Modules
Client: Sun
Based on the principle of reusable, granular content, we created intranet-based training modules -- and then integrated them with performance support. The audience (sales and technical managers worldwide) had limited time -- our approach meant that training time was spent on content types appropriate to learning. Users didn't waste time in attempts to absorb content types more appropriate to just-in-time performance support. Take a look.
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